Awaken Your Senses

Lipton launched a new line of Specialty Teas, which included Black, Herbal, Matcha, and Greens. The products had bold packaging designs that reflected their even bolder flavors. The challenge: to introduce the new products to a younger, tech savvy audience. Our response was a simple idea: immerse our audience inside a cup of tea, thereby uncovering a world of vibrant, delicious flavors.

To bring the idea to life, we developed a series of 360 / VR videos that showcased the marquee products – Matcha and Chai. With the viewer at the center of the experience, we were able to transport them to a world filled with rich flavors, exotic travel, and even give them a glimpse into the tea’s origin story.

Using a combination of CGI, motion graphics, live action, and sound design, we created a uniquely sensorial journey unlike any the category had seen.

The results were incredibly positive, with the campaign earning nearly 4MM views in less than a month after launch. And an average viewing time of 1:07 of 1:30, exceeding platform benchmarks.

Client: Lipton
ROLE: Creative Director, Designer