Hey there, here’s a little something about me.

Beyond his deep passion for lettering and typography, Harun is most in his element working through creative challenges with teams, refining an effective presentation and melting clients minds, like butter.

Harun thinks, then acts, using market research to find insights to develop creative work that effectively connects with brand audiences.

Harun is a creative craftsman, putting rigor into tried and true processes of developing ideas and executing design.

Harun has many arrows in his quiver, able to create and deliver work across social media campaigns; visual branding design; broadcast and digital content production; app and website design; and physical / experiential activations.

Harun doesn’t shy away from ambiguity, taking the first step with purpose and direction to keep up momentum and bring others along.

Harun keeps his eye on the prize, both managing teams and getting his hands into the creative and design process while keeping budget, timing and project goals in his sights.

Harun brings the laughs, because this is should be fun.

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Creative leadership, strategic thinking, business minded, concept driven with acute attention to detail, relationship building with talented people, mastering technology in pursuit of world domination


Art Direction, Graphic Design, Interactive (UI) Design, Social Media / Digital Content Creation, Typography, Lettering, Branding, Experiential Design, Production Oversight, Motion Graphics Oversight and Execution, Photography, Concepting Leadership


Chase, HP, American Express, Google Play, Ferrari, Yankees, Lipton, Chipotle, NFL, Etrade, Vanity Fair, Fast Company, Peet’s Coffee


Technology, CPG, Auto, Sports, Food, Entertainment


Playing with letters and typography makes Harun incredibly happy. Evidence found on Instagram – (instagram.com/harun_zankel)
His first graphic design job was at 16 when he was commissioned to create skateboard illustrations for a Kaiser Permanente brochure.